Last Time for Everything

As I write this, I just returned from my daughter Courtney’s graduation, as she earned her doctorate degree in physical therapy from the University of Florida. This follows her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology three years ago there. As I’m also a multiple UF graduate, watching the proceedings with a lump in my throat, I found my mind wandering to country music star Brad Paisley’s touching song, The Last Time for Everything. Some of the lyrics go:

Throwing the ball with the first dog you ever had
Spending all day on the lake with your grandad
Watching Glenn Frey sing “Already Gone” at the Forum in L.A.
There’s a last time for everything

Walking around the Gainesville campus I’m reminded of many good times I enjoyed in my years there. It’s as if I see the ghosts of my buddies when we were all in our twenties – young, ready to take on the world. Then suddenly those late nights grabbing a pizza slice at Leonardo’s after a study session, tailgating before the football games, just hanging with my friends – all came to an end.

And now, it’s Courtney’s time to venture out into the real world.

Walking back to our car after the ceremony, I noticed how the campus has changed considerably since my freshman year forty years ago. The dilapidated houses students rented just north of University Avenue have become luxury mid-rise condominiums with considerably higher rents. The bars we frequented, including the one where I met Patti, are no more, replaced by cleaner, newer venues. Gleaming new buildings stand in the empty lots where my fraternity brothers and I played flag football. The Publix where I worked is a JoAnn’s Fabric store, with a brand new, larger Publix right next door.

Using a fake ID at a college bar
Getting caught with a girl in the backseat of a car
Running out on the field for the senior game wearing number 17
There’s a last time for everything

I love the energy of college campuses. While I qualify for over 55 housing and constantly receive AARP membership solicitations (which I throw into the garbage), I still consider myself young. Looking in the mirror every morning while brushing my teeth challenges that mindset, unfortunately.

My oldest daughter will marry her longtime fiancé this summer. They met seven years ago at Brandeis University while students and would have been married a couple of years ago if not for the pandemic. I’m looking forward to the celebration and am excited for Gabi and Benji as they embark on their married lives together.

Kissing goodbye on her porch and driving away
Introducing her as your fiancé
Getting woke up at 5:00am to see if Santa came
There’s a last time for everything

Courtney and her boyfriend Phil (they met at overnight summer camp in the Georgia mountains when they were both kids) scampered off to Atlanta for a concert festival while I drove home with my wife and youngest daughter who aspires to attend dental school in a little more than a year.

Biscuits and gravy at momma’s house
Last time for everything
Spring break on a fold out couch
Last time for everything
Little Jimmy on the stage
Last time for everything
Hearing Prince sing ‘Purple Rain’
Last time for everything

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